Newsfeed March 2019


Feedback from one of the teachers Mr Godfrey Hendrickse:  “I thought it would be worth sharing this with you. I was so impressed watching our dancers today. They looked so good and were very polished. They’ve grown in such confidence and are clearly enjoying every moment they spend dancing under the dance instructor’s mentorship.

I think that today was a very significant day for the dancers as they performed in front of the entire school. They’ve overcome that first performance nerves and jitters. I know that they will go on and improve lots more and that there will be many more learners who will be interested in the programme. Several of the kids were selected by Dance For All to join the Saturday Contemporary Dance programme.

The kids were chosen because they are at an advance level and have been part of the dance LFAF Dance programme since its inception last year. The kids are interested and our challenge now is to provide transport to the 9.00 to 11.00 class on a Saturday morning.”