Dance, both indigenous and contemporary, has long been an important means of personal and artistic expression in South Africa. Dance plays a central role in traditional storytelling, ceremonial practices, recreation, socialisation, improvisation, and community sharing.


We currently collaborate with the highly efficient Megan Goliath, Building our Future Female Leaders Project

Megan Goliath is a versatile professional dancer, performer, teacher and life coach. She is

passionate about empowering females and building future leaders through a holistic

approach of movement and her methodology.

The purpose of her services:

Her holistic approach supports and nurtures overall well-being and actively engage learners

with the purpose of growth, evolution and personal elevation – physically, mentally,

emotionally, socially and spiritually. She provides an empathetic and supportive

environment, in which she incorporates the skills development, values, character building

learnt through movement and tools of coaching to be implemented to the foundation of

everyday life. My purpose of this holistic experience offers an opportunity for females to

realize their potential, gain perspective and thrive in their true authentic self that awaits

them to become a better version of themselves, better leader and overall human being.



  • Dance/movement promotes good health by improving cardiovascular fitness,

increasing blood flow, circulation and heart rate, strengthening the muscles,

improving posture and muscle tone.

  • It encourages discipline, co-ordination, improvisational skills, sensory and spatial

awareness, and concentration.

  • It builds confidence, self-esteem, awareness of body and awareness of the energy

you bring into a space.

  • It provides learning the skills of being teachable, open-minded, versatile, paying

attention to detail, learning how to reciprocate, and apply constructive feedback.