• We believe that supporting the carers who work with young people at risk is a positive way of helping both the caregiver and the young people they work with. Caregivers need care. Emotional burnout and secondary trauma can drain the positive energy they need in their role as carers.
  • Burnout erodes the loving core that brought them into this caring work.
  • The programs teach mindfulness, relaxation, working with their hands, learning new skills, creating something to be proud of, something to take home. Fresh air and birdsong in a beautiful garden setting, away from the workplace, rejuvenate and lift spirits.


  • The workshops are held at the Goldfields Centre at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and include a walk in the extensive and beautiful gardens.


  • To give carers the opportunities to share their feelings, hopes and dreams, and importantly to realise that they are being heard.
  • To create the opportunities for discussion, sharing their challenges and validating their precious work
  • Participants get to know each other in a positive new way which helps group bonding and cohesiveness.