Dance, both indigenous and contemporary, has long been an important means of personal and artistic expression in South Africa. Dance plays a central role in traditional storytelling, ceremonial practices, recreation, socialisation, improvisation, and community sharing.

In collaborating with the experienced and highly acclaimed Dance for All Company, our mission with this outreach program is to provide children in historically and presently disadvantaged communities with the opportunity for enjoyment, empowerment and the promotion of self-esteem through the medium of dance. This is a wonderful opportunity for active participation in the arts as too many children and teenagers from these communities face severe and often dangerous socio-economic challenges.


Successful screening of youth at Groenvlei High School in Cape Town has been completed. The school is fully on board to make this program highly successful.

  • Beginning in September 2018, 30 teenagers now participate in dance classes twice weekly for two hours tuition.
  • Dance for All prepares and provides a schedule of activities, with specific outcomes, for the program
  • Progress of children is monitored, recorded and reported
  • Groenvlei High School provides the opportunity for dancers to showcase their skills as part of the extra-mural curriculum.
  • Dancers receive a certificate of completion at the school’s annual award ceremony.
  • The Light from Africa Foundation sponsors a refreshment pack for all participants to have some nourishment after a long school day, providing them with the energy required for this demanding activity.


  • To provide a structured extra-mural activity in the form of dance classes for children and youth in historically disadvantaged communities.
  • To provide support for the communities in which we operate by providing a safe, contained and positive environment for the children in our daily dance classes.
  • To reveal, nurture and create opportunities for the wealth of talent and ability that exists, often undeveloped, in these under-serviced communities.
  • To train students who possess the motivation and requisite talent to become professional dancers, teachers of dance and choreographers of the future.