The goal of these workshops is to teach leadership skills to learners whose school has already identified them as having potential. The programs strive to empower them with new and different skills and coping mechanisms that they cannot learn in school classrooms. Learners are motivated to become role models in their communities.


The workshops take place at collaborating schools as well as the Gold Fields Centre at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Our current facilitator is Andie Ndikandika, a true role model for young boys.

The abilities of these young people are varied as they all come from difficult home backgrounds and deprived communities. We believe that their inner potential is key. We want them to believe that with hard work they can do what they set their hearts on. Essential life skills can help them towards achieving their dreams.

The curriculum varies but the mission is always to:

  • address conflict and behaviour management
  • guide them to grow into strong individuals and good role models
  • guide towards personal effectiveness
  • create awareness of stress management
  • create guidelines for life balance
  • introduce practices for conflict resolution
  • increase people potential