The Light from Africa Foundation strives to foster a culture of care and kindness among young people at risk, who are exposed and subjected to perpetuating cycles of trauma and harm. We do this through a variety of well documented projects where children express themselves non-verbally and are helped to cope better with adversity.

We also reach out with our programs to carers of troubled and abandoned children, to invigorate and motivate them in their selfless work and to help them with “empathy burnout”.

Long term goals:

Once our existing programs are funded:

  • Light from Africa Foundation will expand programs to new regions in the Western Cape working with teens and care givers, lighting flames of hope in young lives..
  • Sponsor more programs and facilitators
  • We can engage with more target groups via schools, children’s homes and active networking
  • We can enhance the skills of our dedicated passionate fellow workers who see this as their calling.
  • Your contribution, however small or large, will translate into concrete positive action.

Your contribution to this project will allow us to reach so many more children and carers in need. Our programs will be assessed continually to help us to be effective in assisting participants to tap into their potential.

You can help by:

  • Becoming a specific program sponsor and thus securing the program and continuing the support in the area targeted.
  • Actively supporting our work through sustained regular financial contributions.
  • Becoming a Friend of the Light from Africa Foundation by pledging R1000 a year.
  • Your sponsorship will help us to increase our coverage of therapeutic groups with whom we work in partnership.
  • We will be posting regular updates, giving feedback and showing our progress by means of pictures and case studies, while respecting the privacy of the children, young people and carers with whom we work.
  • All donations are directed without deduction to the programs.
  • Please indicate any specific program or programs that you would like to support.

All donations made by South African Income Tax payers are eligible for receipts  for the purposes of section 18A of the Income Tax Act of 1962.

PBO NUMBER: 930014057

NPO NUMBER: 040581