Lighting flames of creativity and hope in young lives

South African realities prove that the current leadership crisis, in the wake of colonialism and apartheid,  spirals downwards to communities, families and then to those most vulnerable, the young.  The number of youngsters exposed to violence, crime, abuse and total neglect is the highest in years. Youngsters have to deal with many social problems that make them extremely ‘at risk’ and leave them disillusioned.

The Light from Africa Foundation wants to make a difference and bring some hope to young lives.

We offer various programs with a number of service providers on an ongoing basis. We work with  dedicated, passionate, nurturing partners who see this work as their calling, as we do.

School and youth organisation programs:

  • We offer much needed, dynamic, creative, and interactive programs that facilitate the integration of life skills, self-love and self-esteem into the lives of often troubled teens. A variety of outreach programs for children and young people are currently ongoing and evolving . Creative engagement is achieved through art, (using clay and other materials) sewing and dance. These are used as processing tools to help participants on their road to self discovery, to reflect upon and explore troubling thoughts and feelings.
  • The focus is always on encouraging children to find their own inner strength and coping strategies, to enable them to grow as individuals. All programs are aimed at building resilience and self esteem, and instilling hope.
  • Anticipated outcomes are: improved concentration in school; building self worth; introducing positive value systems; and strengthening participant’s resolve to resist negative peer pressure and deal better with harmful situations. These have a direct influence on preventing school dropout, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and involvement in the prevalent and destructive gang culture.

Programs to care givers of children’s homes and institutions:

  • The need to invest in our care givers is immense.
  • The focus of these workshops is to help care givers to identify and overcome empathy fatigue and burn out; to make them aware of the need of self-care and self-love; to listen to and acknowledge their challenges and validate their precious work.

Assessment and evaluation:

The Foundation is committed to the importance of continually measuring and improving the effectiveness of all programs.

Assessment tools are used to evaluate emotional development, artistic development, social skills and interaction skills in all our participants.